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HPL Joins Ozine Fest Festivities

5 months ago

Aside from bringing our client’s imagination to life, one of HPL’s goals is to also teach new generations of artists to bring theirs to life.

Last June 2022, HPL partnered with Ozinee Fest, an anime convention organized by Otakuzine Anime Magazine. It is one of the most well-known conventions that features various activities like exhibition booths, cosplay competitions, Japanese karaoke contests, band tournaments, and art contests.

With Ozine Fest, HPL Game Design was able to reach young artists with two live demos by our artists. The first live demo was done by HPL’s Junior Illustrator Jerry Bernabe, and the second live demo was done by HPL’s Team Lead Illustrator Miguel Banzon. The two showed off their tricks and tips in the art industry, educating their audiences.

HPL Game Design also had its own booth at Ozine Fest where HPL artists sold their own merch, showcasing their own talents.

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