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Established in 2021, HPL Game Design has provided great creative services for our clients. Here, you'll find everything that you need. Whether it be designing NFTs, developing a video game, or creating social media content, our team can do it for you. No fuss and no fluff - just being effectively creative.

what we are

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HPL Game Design delivers high-performing, large-scale solutions, breaking the norm in the game and design industry. That is the HPL way.

our vision

HPL Game Design envisions to be a home of world-class artists, designers, developers, and support teams, that are always at the tip of the spear on the latest tech and systems, who are highly sought after by AAA clients resulting in mutual profitability.




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“HPL Game Design is a valued partner for FunCraft. We’ve worked with them on multiple projects for artwork: concepts and production. We keep going back because of their high quality work; ease of communication; and commitment to a job well done. Definitely recommend them.”

Michael Martinez

FunCraft inc

“The team's communication is flawless, their patience commendable, and their dedication to quality is apparent, which I am thrilled with. I am eagerly looking forward to our future projects together.”

Andrew Slater

infinity pbr

“I discovered HPL Game Design very early on in their lifetime when I was in search for design services, as they've grown, they've become integral to my team and operations. I would literally never hesitate to recommend HPL to any businesses that seek to build, grow, and differentiate in a busy market.”

Ali Sabra

digilance u.s

“HPL Game Design consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of creativity, attention to detail, and technical expertise. The artwork produced by their team exceeded our expectations and brought our game concepts to life in a captivating manner.”

atul kumar

ctt production

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Kana: つづく Kanji: 続く Romaji: tsuzuku. A verb meaning 'to continue' or just 'to keep' in Japanese.
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