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Our growing team is looking for:

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graphic designer

Visual concept creators with exceptional skill levels in game and website UX/UI, and logo presentation.

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Artists with excellent foundations in creating game assets and characters.

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3d artist

Highly proficient in rigging and animation, basic knowledge in 3D workflow, and knowledge in Blender, Zbrush, substance painter, and Evee.

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video editor

Creators who can edit, cut, trim, and sequence video clips into a comprehensive narrative structure.

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motion designer

Designers with proficiency in After Effects and knowledge of Premiere Pro.

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3d game animator

Professionals who specialize in rigging and animating virtual characters, environments, and assets.

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pixel artist

Media artists with proficiency in pixel art, sprite sheets, and creating characters and other 2D assets.

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senior game developer

Developers with solid knowledge and experience in programming apps and languages.

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game designer

Specialists with the knowledge to create interactive narrative, prototypes, and mechanisms for games.

Kana: つづく Kanji: 続く Romaji: tsuzuku. A verb meaning 'to continue' or just 'to keep' in Japanese.
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