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Our growing team is looking for:

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graphic designer

Visual concept creators with exceptional skill levels in game and website UX/UI, and logo presentation.

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3d character artist

Artists who transform 2D illustrations or concept art into 3D models that can be rigged.

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3d environment artist

Environment artists are involved in creating environmental backgrounds in gaming consoles.

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video editor

Creators who can edit, cut, trim, and sequence video clips into a comprehensive narrative structure.

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motion designer

Designers with proficiency in After Effects and knowledge of Premiere Pro.

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senior 3d generalist

Professionals who are experienced and well-equipped with skills for creating 3D animations.

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technical artist

Professionals who create and optimize 3D assets, add visual effects, and ensure smooth animations within the game engine.

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senior game developer

Developers with solid knowledge and experience in programming apps and languages.

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game designer

Specialists with the knowledge to create interactive narrative, prototypes, and mechanisms for games.

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Leadership & Sales Development Trainer

Delivers comprehensive training programs aimed at enhancing leadership skills and driving sales excellence within the organization.

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IT Head

Specialists responsible for overseeing the developmentof IT strategies & procedures to ensure effective/secure operation of our IT infrastructure.

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Accounting Assistant

Supports the Accounting department by performing clerical tasks.

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Hiring Officer

Plays a pivotal role in overseeing the recruitment process, ensuring the efficient sourcing, interviewing, and selection of qualified candidates.

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HR Recruitment Assistant

The Human Resources Recruitment Assistant is responsible for providing human resource support.

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senior 3d game animator

Plays a pivotal role in bringing characters, creatures, and environments to life in our game projects.

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3d art director

is responsible for overseeing the visual style and design of creative projects of the 3D Team.

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concept artist

Creates a visual representation of an idea for use before it is added to the final product.

Kana: つづく Kanji: 続く Romaji: tsuzuku. A verb meaning 'to continue' or just 'to keep' in Japanese.
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